Portraits and group photography

Usually people automatically picture a ‘portrait’ in the traditional sense: a neutral background that add no information to the photography. However, there are many kinds of portraits. Casual portraits: taken at a location that your often visit and that is a part of you. Portraits taken in the moment, also known as ‘editorials’. The camera follow you in your life and takes pictures of you in it. A contextual portrait makes a conscious choice for a location, backdrop, clothes, pose and other photographic elements. The picture tells a story: a chef in the kitchen, a teacher in the classroom or a writer at their desk. Or a glamour portrait, which revolves around you and making your look fabulous. Using all sorts of lamps and techniques and careful choices regarding your style and accessories including special editing.

Panzironi Photography also does group portraits. What about bachelorette photo shoot? More and more bachelorettes have a photo shoot organized for their party. Pictures are taken of the bride-to-be and the rest of the guests. This is a great activity to launch the rest of her fun-filled day!

Portrait or group photography? Panzironi Photography takes pleasure in providing these special photographic experiences for you.

Coporate Photography

Professional presentiaont is extremely important. A good portrait for your business, website, social media, portfolio or for your personal profile. This coverage, provided by Panzironi Photography, makes a striking series of pictures that suit your style. Product and advertising photography is also possible. Furthermore, it is possible to do an internal photo shoot for all of your employees and the company.

Panzironi Photography has experience with corporate photography and guarantees exceptional and professional photographs that suit your business.

Planning & price

  • During a photo shoot, a whole series of pictures are taken, usually in different positions and using different backgrounds.
  • You can also choose to use a make-up artist and/or hairstylist for the shoot.
  • Photography at your home, on location or at your business location.
  • Prices for portrait, groups or business photography depend on your preferences.

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